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 HIM Convenience Conference Tickets

How do I buy tickets:

  1. Create an Account (you will receive a registration email containing a link that you must click on to verify your email address before you can login).
  2. Login
  3. Complete the Ticket Information form and select your payment method
  4. Complete your payment if paying online OR click on 'submit' if you requested an invoice.

If you know your attendee details, please enter them.  Otherwise please return and complete them later.

How can I pay for my tickets?
You can pay by card (online) or request an invoice. Please note that there is a minimum order value of £500 for invoicing and the invoice option is available until 17th May.

How much are tickets?
Early bird ticket rate is £320 + VAT (available until 22nd March)
Standard ticket rate is £400 + VAT